Hey, what’s this?

Sometimes I forget that I even have a blog. Here’s some more useless stuff that I’ve taken pictures of or recorded.

Looks like a normal can of peaches, right? Click on the thumbnail to peer inside the can.

Apartment fire across from the store.

4 Responses to “Hey, what’s this?”

  1. EarthQuake Says:

    Living in an apartment building is sort of scary at times; it only takes one idiot to burn it down. We’ve had the fire department up where I live a couple of times, usually only because of someone’s food catching fire while they are cooking… but it’s still a very jolting reality check.

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    Unfortunately, this issue is so scary! It’s better to be more careful and not to ignore easy rules on how to behave in the event of fire.

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    I am so shocked… The event is so awful and this situation tells us that we should be very attentive and learn the rules, which can help us in such situations. Best regards!

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