This was the first and only project for Doom that I was directly involved in. csDoom was a source port that added client/server functionality to Doom. The reason I say "was" is that the project has been abandoned after the scandal the programmer was involved in. It's too complex to get into detail here; download this Word document to read more about it.


ZDoom is one of the best and most used source ports out there, created by Randy Heit. It is ported to a native Windows environment, as opposed to the original Doom which ran in DOS. It adds jumping, mouselook, slopes, scripting, high resolution, hubs, skyboxes, and tons of other features, mostly undocumented as of late. The reason for this is because the most official release is over 3 years old, yet development still continues in the form of beta versions.

Doom Radio

This is not a project for Doom per se; it is an Internet radio show put out every so often by Jeremy Elder. Doom Radio was on hiatus for about a year, but the creator has returned and has begun putting out new episodes.


You can find stuff that I've actually created by searching the /idgames Archive for my name. Notable projects include Chiptune Doom and Chiptune Doom 2. Hopefully more will come in the future.

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