This is an awesome single-player mod for the original Quake. It even includes a movie, using the game engine to act it out. Nehahra is one of the best Quake mods I've ever played.


This is one of the most popular source ports for the original Quake. QuakeForge improves the network code, adds major benefits to the rendering engine, and increases performance. Developers are still working on the port to improve its functionality and appearance.


This is a multiplayer mod based upon the immensely popular Team Fortress Classic. MegaTF improves upon the original by adding such features as "prone" mode, improved weapons, and measures to reduce lag in multiplayer games. It looks like the creator has halted all work on the mod, as the last update to the site was nearly two years ago.

Rail Arena

This is a modification for Quake III. It transforms gameplay into a sniping fest, using only railguns, and one shot kills your opponent. Rail Arena really quickens the pace of gameplay and increases the fun factor.


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