Fun With Eraser Bot

Welcome to my little experiment: the product of curiosity, ingenuity, boredom, and madness.

This all started back in the day when I had a burned copy of Quake 2 *PSA: DO NOT WAREZ! PIRACY IS BAD!!* when I was looking around on the internet and found out about something called a 'bot'... it was like deathmatch with the computer! This was like '98, a year before UT and Quake 3, and I had never played much Quake so it was a novel idea to me. Anyway, the bot I ended up stumbling across first was called Eraser. I installed it and after figuring a few things out, I got it running, and I had fun. It was cool because back then I had a 56k modem, so now I could DM even when I was offline. Anyway, time passed, the Q2 CD was destroyed (long story), and Eraser was all but forgotten by me.

Then a couple of years ago, my yearnings for the good old days of Q2DM came back and was thinking about getting myself a copy. One day, while looking for Fallout 2, which was reccomended to me by several people, I happened upon a pack called 'Quake 2: Quad Damage' or something like that. Inside was Quake 2, and three expansion packs: The Reckoning, Ground Zero, and Extremities. I felt the offer was too good to pass up so I ended up buying that and a pack with Fallout 1 and 2 in it for a grand total of about $40. Even now, I consider that my best computer game shopping trip ever.

So I open it up and check out the expansion packs, and then look into Extremities, which was really just an assload of multiplayer stuff Id collected from the internet. Models, skins, mods, levels, the works. And what else do I find on that CD? None other than good old Eraser, this time packaged with a great windows shell so I could easily reconfigure all the map cycles, bots, and whatnot for it without having to open Windows Explorer at all. It even had a plugin that automagicaly makes bots for any unused skins you have laying around. Fun times.

So anyway, despite the fact that I have cable modem, I still play around with the bot for several reasons: 1) I can fill a game up with a ton of bots, more than people I'd find on any Q2 server these days, 2) its fun to play stuff like team DM and CTF with their AI, 3) they use whatever skins and models I give them, 4) I can play whatever map I want, even those good old 64-player maps Id made, 5) because I can. So anyway, below are a bunch of examples of stuff to do with the bots, all in screenshot form. Hooray for screenshots. Enjoy! Or not...its not like I care.

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