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Windows Logo For Michael J. and Kara L. Hardy's Ghost Marbles Michael J. Hardy's Ghost Marbles Puzzle Video Game! Windows Logo For Michael J. and Kara L. Hardy's Ghost Marbles

Michael J. Hardy's Ghost Marbles Puzzle Game For Windows!

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Ghost Marbles - Windows Video Game By Mike Hardy

updated: Febuary 3rd, 2005 at: 10:55 pm (Central Time)
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"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."
-Michael J. Hardy (©October 31st, 2002)

This Site has been Visited Since Released in January of 2005.

Welcome To: Ghost Marbles...

Ghost Marbles is a Cool 2004, 2005, 2006 Puzzle Game For Windows Operating Systems. It features Excellent Graphics, Superb Animations, Awesome Sound Effects, and Enriched Music. The Object of the game is to line up 3 or more of the same colored marbles to remove them from the board... You will get points, Extra Bombs, and etc... If you line up and remove the special marble then ghost will be released giving you some extra points... But Be Warmned, Watch that Time!

This Game Was Written and Programmed By Me (Michael J. Hardy) Using a Very Basic, Yet, Powerful Programming Language (See Source Section).

The KeyBoard and Mouse are used for this game (See Req. Below).

The Right Mouse Button Let's you use your Bombs. You Start out with 3 Bombs. (You can earn more)

What you will need inorder to play Ghost Marbles is:

  • Intel Pentium Processor running 266 Mhz or faster,
  • Windows 95/98/NT/Me/Xp/2000/Server 2003/or later,
  • A 3D Accelerated Graphics Card (Like GeForce and etc...),
  • DirectX 9.0 or later (Not included) Visit the to get the latest version... If you buy Ghost Marbles on a CDRom Disc then I will include the DirectX 9.0c and the SDK.
  • at least a 640x480 Screen Resolution (May work with less but never tested) (1024x768 is recommended),
  • at least 24 bit color display (Most modern computers have this) (May work with 256 or less but never tested),
  • Keyboard + Mouse. (Keyboard is used to access the menu, Quit and etc...
  • A Sound Card with Speakers (SoundBlaster and Adlib are also supported),
  • Finally a Good Skill For the Game! (Optional You'll Get Good At It!

Ghost Marbles is one of the BEST Computer Puzzle Game's you can get... You can Download a Free Trial off of the Site. The Trial period is pretty long (149 Days). Thats Right, You can play the Fully Functional Version for 149 days before you have to buy it... Expiration will end 149 days after the first use...

I have some Great News!!! On January 25th, 2005 around 11:30am (Central Time) My Wife found out that she's Pregnant. Yep, I'm going to be a daddy! (We're so Happy) It will be our First Child. We Don't know yet rather it's a boy or girl We won't find out until March or April of 2005. Please Prey that the nothing goes wrong and that the baby will be born healthy. I am Donating this Game (Ghost Marbles) to my Child... Who Knows, When He or She gets old enough to use a Computer or when I die, He or She might take over the development of Ghost Marbles...

I suggest before you download Ghost Marbles that you take alook at the Pics Section...

If you would like to help in the Development of Ghost Marbles, then please donot hesitate to contact me. You may contact me at or call me via telephone at one of the following phone numbers...

  • 573-860-4903 (Home/Office),
  • 573-860-5433 (Mother-in-laws/Office),
  • 573-860-2519 (Parent's),
  • 573-860-5783 (Father-in-laws)...

Note: You must dial a 1 then 573 if dialing outside of Sullivan Missouri...

We are hosting a World Wide International HighScore Competetion... Winners will Recieve Free Commercial Products, Free Programming Languages, and Etc... Send the HighScore.dat File to us at You must be in the top 10 highscore list. The Highscore.dat file can be found in the Ghost Marbles Directory...

My Wife and I have our own little competetions sometimes, the looser usally has to buy the Winner a nice dinner...

Image of the Author and His Wife :)

Michael J. and Kara L. Hardy

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All the material is copyrighted to the Michael J. Hardy and Kara L. Hardy and may not be used without our permission.