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Asylum Explorer WebBrowser By Mike Hardy

updated: August 01st, 2003
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."
-Michael J. Hardy (October 31st, 2002)

Welcome Horror Fan's, I'll get strait to the point! Asylum Explorer WebBrowser is Awsome. It is a Webbrowser in the Horror Genere. It has all the main features that is found in Internet Explorer 3.0 and later Plus Some. It's main features are: Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop, Home, Email, Find, Search, Save, Print, Print Preview, Resize, Enlarge, UnEnlarge, Favorites, History, Properties and Internet Options. Plus a few others I did not mention. Asylum Explorer is IE Based which means that it uses the Internet Explorer Engine. You must have internet Explorer 3.0 or later installed on your computer in order to use this browser. It may work with Netscape but I am unsure being I have never Tested it with netscape. Asylum Explorer is colorful and contains Gore. (See the ScreenShot Section) I plan on making this browser to be skinnable. Asylum Explorer is available for FREE as OpenSource under the GNU (General Public License) Please besure to read the GNU.txt file in the Setup Program or File Folder. Asylum Explorer was written entirely in Visual Basic 4.0 (32-BIT) Standard Edition and uses the Internet Controls. When I upgrade to VB 5 or 6 (Which may be some time) I plan on making it's own Engine instead of using IE's. If you would like to help in the creation of Asylum Explorer then please contact me at scoobyto@fidnet.com or my technical support staff at xvaders@fidmail.com This Webbrowser was written and programmed by Me (Michael J. Hardy) and Tested by My Wife Kara Hardy. To Download this Browser Now Visit the Files Section. To Download it's Source Code visit the Source Section...

Asylum Explorer Now comes with a Cool ScreenSaver Generator which allows you to make and create your own Flying Object ScreenSaver.


All the material is copyrighted to Mike & Kara Hardy and may not be used without our permission.