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Asylum - Gold Series - Written By Michael J. Hardy (Asylum Studios)

updated: Monday, June 28, 2004 07:14 PM

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."
-Michael J. Hardy (İOctober 31st, 2002)

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You've just entered a dimension of terror... a dimension where even your former buddies know nothing except the desire to kill you. Somehow, your base has become a gateway to hell... and you must destroy the evil before it consumes the universe!

Asylum 2 Gold Series is a Cool Brand New 2004 3D First Person Shooter Game for Windows! It features : Never Before Seen Levels, Never Before Seen Weapons, Never Before Heard Music/Sounds, and Etc...

Asylum Gold Series was Written Based on Final Doom for MsDos by id software inc. The Asylum Series (v1.666 and v2 Gold Series) Was Written & Programmed By: Michael J. Hardy. (Click Here for Information on the Development) Even though Asylum 2 Gold Series is based off of Doom it features Never Before Seen Levels, New Music, New Sound Effects, New Weapons, New Text, and Etc... Asylum 2 Gold Series is a Special Game because it contains 32 Fearful Levels of the Best Quality... This Game is actually alittle better then the Doom Series... However, We Dout that it will beat Doom 3 when it comes out, But We may adventually Make a Game based on Doom 3. I have Provided a Trial Trilogy Download on this little Geocities Web Site. However, Due to the File Size upload limit of Geocities the file download is Cut into 4 different Zip Files... Visit the Files Section for further information and the Downloads... Some of the Graphics Used for this Game were done by Various Artist... You will find their names on the End Map Screen after completing each level and Under the Graphics Credits on the Read This Option...

The Original Asylum v1.666 Game is available Here!

I suggest that before you download "Asylum " that you take alook at the ScreenShot Section...

Asylum 2 Gold Series is now available for Purchase Click on the Buy Now Image to Purchase... When You Purchase Asylum 2 you get Never Before Seen Levels, All Brand New Weapons, All New Graphics, All New Music, and All New Sound Effects... The Original Asylum 2 Gold Series that you will be buying is an all new 3D First Person Shooter Game... I suggest that you take alook at Some ScreenShots by Clicking Here! The Game Features New Enemies as Well... Click Below to Buy Asylum 2 - Gold Series...

Click Here to Buy Asylum 2  Gold Series For Windows!

Note From The Author :

WARNING: Asylum 2 Contains Extreme Violence, and Adult Language... Parental Guidence is Recommended... You must be 17 Years or older to play this game... This Warning includes all Countries and states including Missouri, California, Arizona, and Etc... Animated Blood & Gore Does Exist... In NO Way shall this game cause you to harm yourself or someone else, Michael J. Hardy nor his Company (Asylum Studios) are NOT Responsible for your actions after playing this game.

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All the material is copyrighted by Mike & Kara Hardy and may not be used without our permission.