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<< « Asylum Studios >> Michael J. Hardy's Platinum Browser - A Cool Advanced Skinnable Multi-Tabbed IE Based Internet Web Browser!

Skinnable Multi-Tabbed Windows Version!

« Asylum Studios Logo - A « Michael J. Hardy Production...

ęCopyright December 17th, 2004 - December 25th, 2007 By « Asylum Studios.

A New Web Browser is released, It's fully Skinnable and Multi-Tabbed with alot more advanced features... It is also freeware and is alot more stable then platinum browser. It was Written and Programmed By Me (Michael J. Hardy) It's available at


Michael J. Hardy's Famous - Platinum Web Browser Pack For Windows!

This Site has been Visited: Times...(Since Released in December of 2004.)

A Fast, - Skinnable, Multi-Tabbed Web Browser!


Platinum Browser is a Cool 2005-2006 Fast, Multi-Tabbed (Skinnable) Web Browser for Windows 95/98/NT/Me/Xp/2000/Server 2003/and later versions... This Web Browser contains many unique Features that most browser's doesn't obtain nor support such as Tabs. You can open upto 200 Web Sites or Pages at a time, and Now Platinum Browser Supports User Made Skins... Platinum Browser uses the Internet Explorer Core Engine (Read System Requirements.) This Cool Web Browser comes with several premade Crafted Skins...

Platinum Browser consist of the following features:

Features Include

  • The Main Features :

    The main features of this Multi-Tabbed Web browser includes: Favorites, Cool User Interface, Cool SideBar for Easier Access to things like favorites and etc... Skinnable Interface, Awsome Programming Search Engine, Cool Search Engine, Open upto 200 Web Pages or Sites at a time, SmartPopup Blocker, and much, much, more all built into one easy to install less then 5 Mb Package...

    Click Here For The Screen Shot's Page!

    Platinum Browser is the most widley used Web Browser across the nation and world because of it's unique Features...

    It's Fast, Lite, Compact, and Secure...

    This Web Browser Was Written and Programmed By Me (Michael J. Hardy) Using a Very Basic, Yet Powerful Programming Language (See the Development link on the right menu.) I later plan on creating it's own Engine but for now I think I'll keep it based on the Internet Explorer Core Engine...

  • The Source Code :

    Platinum Browser is closed source however, there is one way you can get it for Free! Simply Help in the development of Platinum Browser. It has been Written entirely in Visual Basic 6.0 using only a few 3rd party Controls which are included with the Source Distribution... To help in the development please email me at or call me via one of the listed phone numbers below: You can also Buy the Complete Source For $27.00 (USD) View the Included Help File for more details on purchasing the source... I may adventually release the Complete Source For Free but I'm not sure what I want to do yet, Platinum Browser is pretty Popular... But Wait... If you Donate to the development I'll send you a CDRom Disc with Platinum Browser and It's Complete Source Code! All of this If you donate... Or just buy the source...
  • 573-860-4903,
  • 573-860-2519,
  • 573-860-5433,
  • or 573-860-5783 Ask For Mike Hardy
  • Compatibility <<System Requirements>> :

    Inorder to Use Platinum Browser, You will need:
  • Windows 95/98/NT/Me/Xp/2000 or later. (Windows Xp or later is Recommended.),
  • At least a 400 Mhz or Faster Processor,
  • Sound Card with Speakers (Sound Blaster or Adlib is Recommended) (Optional for full effects),
  • Any Screen Resolution (640x480 or higher is Recommended) May work with less but never tested,
  • A Version of Internet Explorer (at least v4.0 or later) (IE 5.5 or 6x is recommended),
  • 64mb of SDRAM (Will Work with less ram but 64 is Recommended),
  • At Least 24 BIT Color Display (High True 32 BIT Colors are Recommended) (Will work with 256 colors but not as well),
  • At Least 28 MB of Hard Disk Space,
  • KeyBoard and Mouse (Required.),
  • A Good Skill For Surfing the World... (Optional) (You'll Get Good at it.)

The Download's: (Platinum Web Browser Pack For Windows!!)

Platinum Browser is Freeware please enjoy it... Click on the below link to download

All of the Required Libraries and Runtime File's are now included with the Download Edition... No more need to have to download 2 different files (Only 1)

The Setup Program is in a Zip File... You must have an unzipping utility suchas: PkUnzip, WinZip, or Winrar. WinZip is available for a Free Download at:

I have Uploaded ActiveSkin Skin Builder - Download it here! Then Open The Zip File and Install ActiveSkin. After Installing ActiveSkin Skin Builder, If you get an Messagebox stating "Trial Version of ActiveSkin" When Trying to Run Platinum Browser (You shouldn't though) Just Simply Reinstall Platinum Browser and this will correct the problem and turn ActiveSkin Commercial (After All, I paid for it...) The Skin Builder comes with some of the Skins used in Platinum Browser... You donot need to use them, I have included Several (Alot) of Crafted Skins with the Browser Download Package...

Please Submit some of your Crafted Work By Sending Me Your Custom Made Skins... I'll post them on this site and give you full credit for them... Email them to Me at

If you like 3D Games then visit my 3D Fighting Game Web Site at and download a Demo Version... Or My Doom Style Game based on the Simpsons at:

If you are a legal or Professional Software or Video Game Publisher and would like to market Platinum Browser in Stores then please contact me via phone at 573-860-4903, 573-860-2519, 573-860-5433, or 573-860-5783. Please Ask For Mike Hardy.

License :

Platinum Browser is Commercial and is Distributed under the New "╦ULA-MKH" License Agreement. Please Read The Agreement <<License.txt>> (Included With The Program!>>

ęCopyright October 31st, 2004-2007 By « Michael J. Hardy. ( )

Acknowledgements :

This Web Browser Pack Was Written & Programmed By Michael J. Hardy. It has been Fully Tested By: Kara L. Hardy, Bill Wiegers, Jim & Sher Hardy, JT Hardy, Mike Hardy, Paul Eldridge, Diane Mclaughlin, Tom Mclaughlin, and The Internet Community... My Wife and My Family choose Platinum Browser over Internet Explorer...Please Submit all Bug Reports if it contains any to: Mike Hardy at or

Michael J. Hardy would like to thank his Wife Kara L. Hardy and every body who supported him during this development and to all of his Video Game and Application Tester's...

My Wife (Kara) and I Love Platinum Browser and We use it all of the time, We choose it over Internet Explorer...

Kara L. Hardy (Michael J. Hardy's Wife) Michael J. Hardy (Kara L. Hardy's Husband)


Contact Michael J. Hardy at: or Call Via Telephone at: 573-860-4903, 573-860-2519, 573-860-5433, or 573-860-5783. Ask for Mike Hardy. (Long Distance Phone Charges May Apply. If your Calling outside of Sullivan Missouri you must first dial 1.

  At a Glance...

The Left Toolbar

Michael J. Hardy's Famous Platinum Web Browser! - The Logo!

Current Version: v1.3.mkh - October 31st, 2004.

Current Release Date: October 31st, 2004.

New Release: December 17th, 2004

New ęCopyright: November 27th - December 17th, 2004-2007...

Software Updated On The 6th of January 2005.

Source Code
System Requirements
Click Here for Information on the Development!

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Click Here For The Screen Shot's!.

Click here to donate to Platinum Browser! Click this to Donate!

NOTE: Please do not donate any less then $15.00 and No More then $15.00 (USD) If you would like to donate more money then please contact Mike Hardy at: Thank You!