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Platinum Player - A Cool Skinnable CD-Player By Mike Hardy

updated: Sunday, July 11, 2004 06:28 PM

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."
-Michael J. Hardy (©October 31st, 2002)

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Platinum Player has been Upgraded to Version 3.0

From the Developer who brought you "Asylum v1.666 and Asylum 2 Gold Series"

Platinum Player is a Cool 2004 Attractive CD Player for Windows with Full Skin Support! Skin Support means that the User Interface (UI) can be Changed and this is called "Skinning" Platinum Player contains alot of advanced features as well as your basic CD Player Functionality... Some of the advance features include:

  • Set as Default CD Player,
  • Skin Support,
  • Repeat Track (Song),
  • Repeat Disc,
  • Minimize on Start,
  • Play on Start,
  • Exit on Disc Removal,
  • Key Shortcuts (Like ESC Minimizes and X Play's the CD),
  • Always on Top,
  • Stop on Exit,
  • Intro Play,
  • Random Start,
  • Support for Multiple CDRom Drives,
  • Custom Playlist Which you can Edit, Add, and Delete,
  • Scrolling Text,
  • Two Game's are Included
  • and More...

I have Written and Included two Game's with Platinum Player. (1) is a SpongeBob SquarePant's Uno Card Game, and the Other one is a Cool Marble Game called "VBSame"

Platinum Player is Cool and Advanced... It has Won Two Platinum Awards from WinSite. Platinum Player was Written & Programmed By Me (Michael J. Hardy) See Source Section...

Like I said, The CD Player contains Skin Support, Read Skin.txt included with the program for information on how to use the skins... Platinum Player comes complete with Several Premade Skin's (Actually All that is available at this time.) If you would like to create some Skin's for Platinum Player and would like them included with the latest builds then please send them to me at and I'll include them and upload them to this site for download... Skin's for Platinum Player actually aren't hard to make at all... If you need help email me at the above address and I'll help you. Some Skin's for other CD Player's can be adapted like : ("CDRun"), ("FreeAmp") and ("WinAmp").

I actually Wrote Platinum Player to be like CDRun... The Only Difference between Platinum Player and CDRun is that Platinum Player does not yet contain FreeBSD Support. However, I plan on implementing this feature in the Future... Platinum Player does however, Include a Custom Playlist which you can Add, Edit, and Delete Tracks you can also name the Album and Artist.

There are Too Many Features to mention on this Site So Head on Over to the Files Section and Download Platinum Player, We Suggest that before you do you take alook at the Screen Shot Section...

Even Though Platinum Player is Freeware, We ask that you please support the development by registering the program and game's for a small fee of $15.00 All Proceeds will help in getting the Professional Tool's to make Platinum Player even better and for us to make even more freeware programs. You can register The CD Player and Game's By Clicking on the Buy Now Image below!

If you would like to help in the development of Platinum Player then please Contact Mike Hardy at or call 573-860-4903.

Platinum Player can be Registered at Digital Candle Click the Buy Now image below to Register Platinum Player and Support the Development for a small fee of $15.00.

Click Here to Register (Buy) Platinum Player By Michael J. Hardy

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