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Mine95 For Windows!

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Written, Developed, and Programmed By Michael J. Hardy using Visual Basic 4.0


©Copyright June 21st, 2003 ®All Rights Are Reserved...

Released Under The GNU (General Public License)

Tested By: Kara Hardy (My Wife), Bill Wiegers (Kara's Dad), and Paul Curtis Eldridge (My Uncle)

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Welcome MineSweeper Lover's, If your like me, you need a game that fit's your every need... Thats what this game does. I have written this game to be Top in it's Class! This is one of the BEST MineSweeper Game available and Best of all this Version is "FREE" and Open-Source. I have decided to Release this Game under the GNU (general public license) Therefor the Source is available Via Download. I developed and wrote this game using Visual Basic 4.0 (32-BIT) Now I have only been using Visual Basic for about 13-Months now so don't expect anything to Spectacular but I must say this game has Commercial Ability and It has Won The 2003 "BEST CODE" Award Prensented by http://www.visualbasic.ittoolbox.com Alot of people that have played this game say that it is and I qoute " THE BEST DAMN GAME IN STRATEGY " and I couldn't agree more! Now let me tell you alittle bit about the game! This game is called "Mine95" and is Freeware as of right now! It has Excellent Graphics, Unique Sound Effect's, and Great Graphical user interface. This game is Based off of WinMine by ®MicroSooft only this version is alot better, more Colorful and includes Sound Effect's Where their version doesn't include any of that... This game has been Rated 10/10 out of (Over 100 user's) I mainly wrote this game for myself but have decided to release it! This game comes in (2) Form's ! 1:) Freeware, and 2:) Commercial CLICK HERE For The Commercial Release! When I first released this game it was version .009 For The History on this game CLICK HERE! You may think I'm crazy but, I was actually inspired to write this game by a Real GHOST! CLICK HERE to Read About it! Mine95 is Awsome but don't take my word for it! Scroll Down and Download it and find out for yourself... There are Four Download's Presented on this Site. 1:) The Game, 2:) The Source Code, 3:) The VB 4.0 (32-BIT) Compiler that I used to do this game, and 4:) The VB40032.dll File (If yours is Corrupted...) I know there are alot of Minesweeper game's out there But I wrote this Minesweeper game to be the "BEST" and that's what it is "THE BEST" To Read Behind The Scenes of Mine95 CLICK HERE! To Download (Scroll Down) For other Cool Downloads like X-VADERS ~13-GHOST CLICK HERE!

You can download the Source Code for this game but please besure to read the GNU before downloading or using the Source Code. I (Mike Hardy) Have based this game on ®MicroSoft's WinMine game But I used none of their source nor did I decompile their program in anyway. I just simply Based my Version from their version... I would like to thank my wife (Kara Hardy) For all of her help and/or Support. If you have Technical issues please contact My Technical Support Staff at xvaders@fidmail.com Or if you have any questions for me Email Me directly at scoobyto@fidnet.com I will Reply to your message or questions within 48-Hours:) - You will need Winzip or another Unzipping utility in order to open the Downloads (They are in Zip Format) You can Download Winzip For FREE! From http://www.winzip.com Please Fill out the FeedBack For below before you Download... The Download Section is below the Feedback form but please send me your feedback on this game...



What you think of the game, suggestions for improvements and bug reports please: This Form will be sent Via Email! Please Include Your name and email address if you would like a response back... You may also include your Phone Number if you will be helping in Mine95 Development... Mike Hardy will personally Contact You! If you include your phone number please mark it as private so no employee will give it away. If you donot mark the number as private then we are FREE to give your number to Software Publishers and/or Retailers... Also you may Register Mine95 using this form by Inputing your name, age, email address, WebSite If applicable, and The Mine95 Registration Number "491787085-M-13" Scroll Down to Download!

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Mine95 (The Game)

Here's My Version of Minesweeper! This Download is the Game Only (No Source) (:ONLY 1.14 MB:) This is a Cool little game written in VB 4.0 By Mike Hardy To Download the Source Code Click Below:) This game Won the 2003 "BEST CODE" Award! Requires VB40032.dll (Included) If the VB40032 File is corrupted then Click here to download the VB40032.dll File... All File's on this Site are in Zip Format You will need Winzip available at http://www.winzip.com For Free! I have written a Setup Program and this program includes the VB40032.dll file and will automatically install it to your C:\Windows\System Folder. Check Back Soon for updates and/or newer versions...
Download The Original Source Code to Mine95 Now!

Mine95 Source Code

Here is the Original Visual Basic 4.0 (32-BIT) Source Code to my minesweeper game. Includes all file's including images you need to compile... Requires Visual Basic 4.0 (32-BIT) Standard Edition If you Don't have VB 4.0 (32-BIT) You can download it by Clicking Below! (:ONLY 1.06 MB:) Requires VB40032.dll The VB40032.DLL File is NOT Included with the Source Code Download so tyou must download it Seperately or Download The Game! The Game download includes the VB40032.DLL File. The Source Code has been Well Documented and easy for you all to understand...
Visual Basic 4.0 Compiler Here is The Standard Edition of Visual Basic 4.0 (32-BIT) Download it Now! Required to Use the Source Code! (:ONLY 1.88 MB:)
VB40032 The VB40032.DLL File Required for All VB 4.0 (32-BIT) Games and App's...



If you are sending a dontation to Me Send a check or money order to:

Mike Hardy 636 E. Vine Street, Sullivan Missouri, 63080 USA If you would like to contact me about this game then Email me at scoobyto@fidnet.com or use the option within the game. If you would like to talk person to person then Call me at (573)468-4798 Long Distant Charges May Apply.