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Hello and thanks for visiting!

Written, Developed, and Programmed by Michael J. Hardy Using Visual Basic 3.0 (16-BIT)

Released as Open-Source (Under The GNU (GPL) LICENSE)

ęCopyright April 01st -- December 25th, 2003 «All Rights Are Reserved...

100% FREE!

Comes Complete with Source Code

Written in Visual Basic 3.0 (16-BIT)

Tested By: Kara Hardy (My Wife), and Bill Wiegers (Kara's Dad)


The Following File's (Download's) are Hosted on Visual Basic ITtoolbox (

Read The Official General Public License... (Click Here)

Click on the above link to read what you can and can not do with the Source Code!

Do You have a X-VADERS Clone game that you have written? Submit it to Mike Hardy along with it's Source Code by sending it to The Code + Game must be for Visualbasic 2.0 or 3.0 (16-BIT) The File that you send to My Email must be in a Zip Format... I Suggest you use Winzip available at and make sure to add a comment (Author Details, File Details, and Etc...) I will then upload your file and subject it to download or if you wish for me not to subject it to my download section please inform me via email and Then I will keep it just for my Eyes only! (Scroll Down for ScreenShots and Downloads)



If you would like to get both the Editor & Game on a 1.44MB Disk Click Here

Welcome! This is the Official Web-Site of X-VADERS! The name of the Release I have completed and released for now is "X-VADERS ~13-GHOST v1.3" This game comes complete with the source code and is Open Source! Also From this site you will be able to download The Official X-VADERS LEVEL EDITOR and a Visual Basic 3.0 (16-BIT) Game Creation Tutorial which comes complete with a 6 level game and a Sprite Engine! Both with Source Code's... What exactly is X-VADERS ? Well X-VADERs ~13-GHOST is a Space Invaders type game with currently only 13 Levels (Download the Editor to Add or modify) The Game has todays 2D Graphics and Some Pretty Cool Sound Effects... I originally wrote (Developed) This game in hopes to bring back the old Attari Days... I wrote this game based on the 1985 Attari game "Space Invaders" Only this game has better graphics... This game was written entirely in Visual Basic 3.0 (16-BIT) so inorder to use the code you will need a Visual Basic 3.0 Compiler get it at The Level Editor I released for this game also is open source and comes complete with the full source code as well (Maximum of 99 levels can be added) But feel Free to modify the editor. Like I said before this game is Open Source and I need help with the Following :

Your Credit's will go on the game as one of the main Developers/Programmers...

Please Submit any modifications to If you would like to Contribute or help in the Development of X-VADERS or the Editor then please email Me (Mike Hardy) at I Need Help! The more people I get to help the better the game will be...

NOTES ABOUT THE EDITOR: I originally wrote the Level Editor to help with the X-VADERS Development because I got tired of Hand Writting the Levels... With the Editor You will NOT have to write (1) line of code to add levels or to modify them... Please send all Level Modifications to Me at See Screen Shot Below of the Game in progress...

Whats New in 13-GHOST ?

Order The Game, Level Editor, and Source Codes on Disk!

Future Plans :

Scroll Down to Download!!!

X-VADERS is always in Development Check Back to this site soon for future downloads of newer versions, Patches, and New Releases of X-VADERS...


Besure to read the Text after the downloads section...

This Game is Published by: VisualBasic.ITtoolbox.Com (Visual Basic Knowledge Base)

Download The Game Now! Comes Complete With The Source Code! Official X-VADERS ~13-GHOST GAME!

Click the Download Button above to Download the Game!

Mike Hardy has invented a Official Level Editor! Download Now! X-VADERS (Official LEVEL EDITOR)

Click the Download Button above to Download the Level Editor to X-VADERS

Download a Complete Visual Basic 3.0 Tutor Written by Mike Hardy Visual Basic 3.0 (16-BIT) Game Creation Tutorial

Click the Above Download Button to download a Complete very detailed and well documented Comes Complete with a Level Edior, 6-Level Example Game, and a Sprite Engine... Download Now!

All Downloads Come Complete with their Source Code's (Open Source Project), You will need the VBRun300.dll File inorder to play this game and/or use the level editor... Download it from Below...