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This site was created for Kyle Leach's CPT 141 class at IUPUC. It's the only real site I've created, other than the obligatory crappy Geocities-hosted site that every newbie makes in their early years, looks back upon, and realizes that it sucks. Oh, if you want to see my first crappy site...you're not going to find a link to it here.

I currently work at Doomworld, the major news and features sites in the Doom community. As for my real job, I work at Marsh Supermarkets, a grocery store here in the tri-state area.

This site was created HTML-wise in Macromedia Dreamweaver 4. The graphics were created/edited in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7. The site does not use GIFs because of the legal issues surrounding the compression algorithm used in the particular file format.


So who am I? My name is Bill Koch, youngest of six children at 18 years of age. I currently reside in Columbus, Indiana, which is in the USA of course. I am attending college at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, more commonly known as IUPUC, and majoring in Computer Technology. Other than computers, electronics, gaming, and the Internet, I am interested in music, cars, firearms, and maybe some other stuff that I can't think of right now.

I've been a computer geek probably since I ever encountered one of the infernal machines. Yes, infernal, because no matter how hard people try to make computers perfect, it hasn't happened yet and probably never will. And no matter how Congress tries to get rid of spam, it's always going to exist. It just makes my day to see both my mailboxes full of spam. Not to mention Windows bluescreening on me.

Too bad talking on forums and IRC doesn't help social skills, because mine are surely lacking. I can definitely type faster than I talk, since verbal communication isn't my strongest point. The forums I visit most often are the Doomworld Forums, and you can find me on IRC in irc.oftc.net #zdoom. If you wish to contact me via e-mail, use this address, and be sure to remove the nospam.


As you can probably tell, I'm a gamer. The first time I ever came in contact with an electronic game was the Intellivision, and after that the Atari. The first most memorable experience was with the Nintendo Entertainment System, acclaimed by many as the best console of all times. After that came the Super Nintendo, also another great system. I haven't had a whole lot of experience with consoles after that, since the computer entered my life after the SNES. It is what I consider the best gaming system, which is why this site is devoted to some particular computer games in general. Some other games that I have played and don't have specific pages for them are:

Wolfenstein 3D - I only played the shareware version, and it was OK I guess. Seems a bit too mazey for me.

Heretic/Hexen Series - The original Heretic and Hexen were based upon modified versions of the Doom engine. Heretic was a great game, and Hexen is very immersive as well. It is a bit more RPGish than Heretic or Doom. Hexen II I have played a bit, but never got through. Heretic II I haven't played, and I hear it doesn't really live up to the series' name.

Blood series - I have played the shareware version of the first game, and the full version of the second. The first is avery fun and gory game to boot, but the second one isn't quite as good, even though it's based on a true 3D engine..

Duke Nukem - I've played the original sidescrolling Duke Nukem II, which was a precursor for Duke Nukem 3D, a very good FPS apart from all the weirdness surrounding it. I used to play deathmatches online over Kali quite a bit back in the day.

Half-Life - A very good game based upon an advanced Quake engine. Original monsters and level settings, but some of the later levels get quite ridiculous. Don't make me talk about the crappiest final boss encounter I've ever had the displeasure of playing. I'm sort of looking forward to the sequel.

Deus Ex - An awesome game built upon the Unreal engine. It's a bit more RPGish, but still retains all the elements of a good FPS. It's set in the future, with great storyline development in-game.

Max Payne series - The first is another great game, which even includes bullet time, comparable to the effects seen in The Matrix movie. Takes you on a suspenseful ride with great gameplay. I haven't had a chance to play the second.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - A great remake of the original game to today's standards, built upon a modified Quake III engine. Great weapons, graphics, and good gameplay.

Serious Sam Series - A good game built upon a great looking engine, the Serious engine. More of a fantasy setting, it features hordes of monsters attacking you at once in many situations.

Worms Series - Great games that aren't FPSes. They feature worms of all things battling it out with an arsenal of weapons on randomly generated 2D terrains. I've only played the original, and Worms Armageddon, the third in the series.

Sims Series - The first SimCity was a classic, and I still play that game on my Palm m505; SimCity 2000 is great too, but beyond that I haven't played any of the other SimCity games. SimCopter is a very cool helicopter simulation game, and Streets of SimCity builds on the SimCopter engine so that you can drive customized cars around your city. The Sims I got into for awhile, but then I realized it was boring as hell because I have my own life to control, which I could spend better time with than controlling a bunch of computerized people.


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