More Links, etc.

I added a couple of links on the right to some friends of mine that I’m hosting here.

Right now I have a free package with 5gb monthly transfer, 500mb of space, 5 ftp accounts, 50 e-mail accounts, 1 mySQL database, 50 subdomains, and no free domains, and it will be free through October 2006. My host is offering a deal for us Professional Preview Package people to upgrade our account, for $9.95 a month locked that price in for 3 years, to get 100gb, 4gb, 25, 1000, 3, 200, and 5 of the above, respectively. Think it’s worth it?

Also, if you’re wondering where I’m working now, it’s here. Coincidentally, I’m also posting this from work!

4 Responses to “More Links, etc.”

  1. Darrin Snider Says:

    BLOODSHEDDER!!!! Do I pay you to sit around on your butt all day and BLOG?!?! Get back to work!!!


  2. Bloodshedder Says:

    What are you talking about?! Look at all the real work I did today! :P

  3. Amaster Says:

    Ahhh! Fixed page background!

  4. Bloodshedder Says:

    What you say?

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