Drive for War

While on a post-Christmas visit to my sister’s family’s house with the rest of my family on December 27th, I decided to bring along my laptop and see how many access points I could pick up along the highway/freeway in city areas. In Columbus, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne, the total number of access points I picked up was 206. Here‘s an export from NetStumbler.

Also, I recorded a video yesterday with Fraps showing the way Unreal Tournament runs with excess speed on my laptop. Needs XViD to play.

2 Responses to “Drive for War”

  1. pi Says:

    Found a listing of some old christmas rap music on this site- a dozen or so songs – anyone know where I can find the album name & group? Looks like it’s crew x, but cannot find anything on the net connected.

  2. Bloodshedder Says:

    The group is Crew X. The album name is Christmas Rap Music. It’s off a cassette tape from 1990. It was published by Silver Bells Music in Nashville, TN. That’s pretty much all I can tell you. I found very little on the Internet when I looked for it.

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