Complete and utter bastardization of classic cartoons

Is what this is.

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  1. Amaster Says:


  2. Bloodshedder Says:

    We’ve got to stop meeting like this.

    (I mean, can you make your comments a little more cohesive? :P)

    EDIT: What the hell? I didn’t ask for smileys. WTF is this?

    EDIT2: There, I turned them off.

  3. Amaster Says:


    I originally watched this with no sound. Makes a lot more sense now.

    I cant really say it’s a “bastardization” though. I mean they cant keep runnnig the same characters and shows forever. But at the same time, the loony tunes franchise is quite popular and profitable. We were bound not to like any kind of change anyway.

    The colors look stupid however.

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