The Mike Hardy Saga, Part VII: Inquisitive Interlude

(note: read parts I, II, III, IV, V, and VI if you haven’t already)

For nearly the past two weeks, I have been expounding the emphatic engineering exploits of one Michael J. Hardy. As best as I can gather, his wares have been happily traipsing across the Interweb for approximately four years. I have not addressed some issues in depth, however.

During one of my many Internet digs of information on Mr. Hardy, I found a site or forum post, I cannot remember which, that claimed he was disabled. Now, ignoring the fact that programming is not incredibly physically demanding, unless you have back problems and cannot sit for long periods of time, why could Mr. Hardy not draw disability benefits instead of fraudulently selling software? It should pay at least enough to get you by, not to mention it is not legally shady unless you falsify your claim. If he truly is disabled, I am sorry, but that does not excuse him for what he has done.

What happens to anyone who has bought a piece of software Mr. Hardy was selling? I have no doubt at least a few people were duped into purchasing several of his offerings. What happens when they find out they had been suckered? It is not unlikely that they will throw up their hands in frustration and vow to never buy anything using the Internet again. Worse, what about those who are gullible enough or, bluntly, too ignorant to realize that they were fleeced? I fight ignorance everywhere I go, but on the Internet, it seems to attack from every angle.

Worst of all, think of all the people Mr. Hardy has royally pissed off over the years after they found out what he was doing with their hard work. Some of them may be inclined to avoid releasing anything under an open-source license ever again. Because of people like Mr. Hardy, we may lose the freedom that comes with open-source software. (By the way, thanks to the creator of Fiend 3D for posting a comment here. At least we know he is not one to be driven from open-source by Mr. Hardy.)

And last but not least, I certainly hope Mr. Hardy did not think he could perpetually get away with what he was doing. Someone was bound to figure out his scheme sooner or later, and I know I am not the first to do so; I am merely the first to bring it to such an extensive public light. What Michael J. Hardy has done is inexcusable.

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11 Responses to “The Mike Hardy Saga, Part VII: Inquisitive Interlude”

  1. CSonicGo Says:

    I agree. hopefully this will bring him up from his lair to talk to us.

  2. ThomW Says:

    He’s taken my Disasteroids 3D game, changed some minor things and released it as his own as well.


    This is the second time he’s done this. Earlier this year I busted him when he put up Michael J. Hardy’s Disasteroids 3D and sent him an email threatening him with legal action if the site wasn’t down in 24 hours. He complied last time, but apparently I didn’t send a strong enough message.

    I just fired off an email to him asking him to take the site down. We’l have to see how this goes.

    At least I’ve been thrown a few props this time around. Last time I wasn’t even mentioned.

  3. Bloodshedder Says:

    Yeah…that ripoff is on the docket for another update, which should be soon.

  4. Michael J. Hardy (Mike Brauer) Says:

    You mother fucker remove my name and my pic or you will get it! Also your so stupid you took a picture of a well known programmer whos i stole you stupid fuck god nobody can take a joke… P.S. My Real Name Is Michael J. Brauer… See ya in hell bitch

  5. Apothem Says:

    Funny how all of his stuff is on geoshitties, and if you’re gonna steal the idea, at least write the code yourself… That is… If that freaking tard knows how.

  6. Ozzie Says:

    Here he is now, the devil unmasked himself now on this very place….
    …how unmystifying.
    I’m just astounded by his productivity and stubborness. He seems to have hardyzied millions of programs.
    His repertoire is endless. This series will probably go on forever!!

  7. Davy2002A Says:

    I have no doubt that Mr. Hardy utilized some Windows resource hack tool and plastered his name where ever possible, I am sure there are tools out there that allow for such a thing, and it does seem that some people on the internet are not really worthy of downloading open source software due to there attempts to rip software off and refer it as “there own”.

  8. Csonicgo Says:

    told ya it’d bring him from his den. :P good job, Bill!

  9. B29 Says:

    Yo “hardy” if thats your name, you have no right going around places and stealing peoples hard work and sell them for profit in your wallet. You a person who diserves to rot in hell, and i dont think anyone would miss you if you would to have that happen.

  10. Ron Schmidt Says:

    Yeah, That SOB Michael J. Hardy and his staff has ripped me off. I sent them code thinking they were going to put skinning in it and sounding very trustworthy. After a while I could no longer contact them as they terminated their email address. They have a copy of my code now that I have spent 5 years in the making. I should have never trusted anyone with this code. If I see my stuff anywhere I will find a WAY TO SUE THEM. Jerks, JERKS. Lets get them.

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