Spot the error

Looks like Summit Brands’ label designer needs to brush up on grammar skills.

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  1. Joe Says:


  2. leek Says:

    Its only human :-)

    PS. Thx for the Wiki undo — I am Lee, the creator of MBF. Seems like yesterday. (Erm, It seems like yesterday.) Although I might have had some conflicts with Ling (:-), I don’t think the statement about DW was fair.

    I too am changing jobs. Moving to Redmond, WA to work for The Big One.

  3. Bill Koch Says:

    Hi, Lee. I didn’t expect to see you anywhere near the Doom community again, much less comment on my blog. I’m not sure which undo on which article you’re referring to, but thanks for commenting nonetheless. There’s no need to be a stranger–I’m sure some of the Doom community’s veteran members would like to see you come back, but I imagine you have more or less moved on.

  4. leek Says:

    I’m talking about the Wikipedia edit in which you undid an edit which cast doubt on DoomWorld.

    Sorry for taking so long to respond; I just moved halfway across the country for a new job at MS.

    True, I haven’t done Doom in a long while. I play FPS games now and then with younger players, but that’s it.

    I like what Quasar and others did, expanding on MBF with Eternity and such.

    I hope Mordeth (G.L.) and others (Cyb, Ricrob, JoelM — even Ling) are doing well.

    I’ve stayed somewhat in touch with Jim Flynn (Boom, Eternal TC), who is doing better now after two years of health problems.

    Rez is still the same, although animal control and the Fed are trying to extort him :(

    FunkyMonk is meditating, but wiser than ever :)

    Chizotz is designing superdome houses bigger than FEMA shelters :)

  5. Bill Koch Says:

    I see what you mean now. I know the person who made those edits, even though it was just from an IP address (they have a Doomworld forums account, but I won’t name them), but I don’t know why they did that in particular.

    So what are you doing at MS? I’m guessing something hardcore, like driver or kernel programming. Can you make Vista not suck? (I don’t really care, I still use Windows 2000.)

    Mordeth is still around, Ling is apparently busy with law school but I think he’s on break for the summer now or something. Cyb hasn’t been around for about a year or so. Ricrob has been gone a lot longer than that.

    I never talked to Jim Flynn or FunkyMonk, and Rez and Chizotz must be way before my time, because I don’t even recognize their names. Oh well :)

  6. Fail Funnies Says:

    Nothing like a good product to get your pee stains out. fail!

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