The new AngelSoft baby

While down the baby wipes and toilet paper aisle at work one night, a passing conversation with a co-worker revealed his feelings about the appearance of the most recent baby to grace the packages of AngelSoft bathroom tissue. You could also be more old-fashioned and call it “toilet paper”, or you could be like another co-worker of mine, who eloquently refers to it as “shit paper”.

Anyway, he said the baby was creepy looking. When I first looked at it, it struck me somehow; there was something incredibly familiar about that baby. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it… but maybe you can help me out here. Take a look:

Don’t see anything? Perhaps a close-up will help:

OK, how about an extreme close-up?

Still nothing? If you’ve been on the Internet for pretty much any length of time longer than a week, you’d see a definite resemblance to something else. Unless you’re incredibly behind the times like this guy. But don’t click that link yet. I think this video will make it all clear.