The Mike Hardy Saga, Part X: From the Horse’s Mouth

(note: read parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX if you haven’t already)

Present circumstances necessitate an extension of the Michael J. Hardy saga. The more astute readers of this somewhat dull weblog may have noticed that Mr. Hardy himself posted a comment on Part VII of the Mike Hardy Saga. However, rather than giving answers, his message only leaves me asking more questions.

Before I go into Mr. Hardy’s witty and intellectual comment, I’d like to point out that it seems he removed everything from his Spirit Studios site. Of course, you’d never be able to tell that now, as he appears to have gone over his monthly traffic quota for December, but he has a backup apparently. On the 15th, the site displayed this message:

The Web Site (Internet Spirit) is under Construction… It has been bought by a Guy known only as Hardy Spirit!

Hardy Spirit Bought Michael J. Hardy (Brauer’s) Two Software Products (Internet Spirit and Enhanced PuckMan!)

Hardy Spirit also took over this site as well as removing all of the offending software titles that where hacked by Michael J. Hardy (Brauer)…

Michael J. Hardy (Brauer) Is No longer programming… You can contact Hardy Spirit at

Sorry for the inconvience this site should be up and running again by Friday December 16th, 2005.

Could it be coincidence that “Hardy Spirit” has the a first name that is the same as the last name of Mr. Hardy, has a last name that is part of one of Mr. Hardy’s “products”, and uses the exact same contact e-mail address that Mr. Hardy has used in the past? I don’t think I need to point out the bleeding obvious.

Thanks go to DooMAd for this next update. Back in Part V, I looked at Mr. Hardy’s version of vbMahjongg. Apparently the reason for the diatribe I linked to back in that post is this (scroll down to near the bottom and notice the comments from March of 2004 onward). Now the diatribe makes more sense to me.

Now, it’s on to the comment Mr. Hardy himself made on my weblog. Here is the message in full, in case you don’t feel like clicking the link to look at the source:

You mother fucker remove my name and my pic or you will get it! Also your so stupid you took a picture of a well known programmer whos i stole you stupid fuck god nobody can take a joke… P.S. My Real Name Is Michael J. Brauer… See ya in hell bitch

See what I meant about more questions than answers? I will now break the statement down.

You mother fucker remove my name and my pic or you will get it!

I have no legal obligation to remove your name or your picture, even if Mike Hardy was your real name and that was your real picture. I have not broken any U.S. laws, nor have I made any libelous statements towards you or your alter ego. I have presented the facts of the case, as well as made some backup statements of opinion, but have not outright insulted your character. This series was not created out of malice, but to expose the truth. As to what I will “get” if I don’t remove “your” name or picture, I can only wonder. Oh, and I’ve never had sexual intercourse with my mother.

Also your so stupid you took a picture of a well known programmer whos i stole

I’ll refrain from commenting on your bad grammar in order to point out who the stupid person is. Oh wait, too late. Anyway, I don’t see how I could have known you were stealing someone else’s picture (theft is par for the course, actually). Perhaps you could name him?

you stupid fuck god nobody can take a joke…

I can’t figure out if “you stupid fuck” should go in this quote or the previous one, but I don’t suppose it matters. Is this really a joke? I know I laughed at a few of your pages, but that’s because of their sheer depravity and ridiculousness. Taking other people’s work and claiming it as your own, whether or not you use your real name, is no laughing matter. Tell me, who was the joke supposed to be played on?

P.S. My Real Name Is Michael J. Brauer…

First you demand that I remove your name, then you deliberately point out what your real name is. Why don’t I just do you a favor?

Michael J. Hardy’s real name is Michael J. Brauer.

According to Mr. Brauer himself, “I use the name Hardy because I love to eat at the Hardees Restraunt.” Well, there you go.

See ya in hell

I have no further comments at this point in time. Except that this makes it seem that Mr. Hardy/Brauer is diversifying his money-making opportunities.

We will ship all across the Country! SwitchBlade and Stiletto Knives are Illegal to Transport and Own in some Countries, States, and Cities… Please Check your local laws before placing an order…

In other words, “please check for us before we do something illegal.”

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