The Mike Hardy Saga, Part X: From the Horse’s Mouth

(note: read parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX if you haven’t already)

Present circumstances necessitate an extension of the Michael J. Hardy saga. The more astute readers of this somewhat dull weblog may have noticed that Mr. Hardy himself posted a comment on Part VII of the Mike Hardy Saga. However, rather than giving answers, his message only leaves me asking more questions.

Before I go into Mr. Hardy’s witty and intellectual comment, I’d like to point out that it seems he removed everything from his Spirit Studios site. Of course, you’d never be able to tell that now, as he appears to have gone over his monthly traffic quota for December, but he has a backup apparently. On the 15th, the site displayed this message:

The Web Site (Internet Spirit) is under Construction… It has been bought by a Guy known only as Hardy Spirit!

Hardy Spirit Bought Michael J. Hardy (Brauer’s) Two Software Products (Internet Spirit and Enhanced PuckMan!)

Hardy Spirit also took over this site as well as removing all of the offending software titles that where hacked by Michael J. Hardy (Brauer)…

Michael J. Hardy (Brauer) Is No longer programming… You can contact Hardy Spirit at

Sorry for the inconvience this site should be up and running again by Friday December 16th, 2005.

Could it be coincidence that “Hardy Spirit” has the a first name that is the same as the last name of Mr. Hardy, has a last name that is part of one of Mr. Hardy’s “products”, and uses the exact same contact e-mail address that Mr. Hardy has used in the past? I don’t think I need to point out the bleeding obvious.

Thanks go to DooMAd for this next update. Back in Part V, I looked at Mr. Hardy’s version of vbMahjongg. Apparently the reason for the diatribe I linked to back in that post is this (scroll down to near the bottom and notice the comments from March of 2004 onward). Now the diatribe makes more sense to me.

Now, it’s on to the comment Mr. Hardy himself made on my weblog. Here is the message in full, in case you don’t feel like clicking the link to look at the source:

You mother fucker remove my name and my pic or you will get it! Also your so stupid you took a picture of a well known programmer whos i stole you stupid fuck god nobody can take a joke… P.S. My Real Name Is Michael J. Brauer… See ya in hell bitch

See what I meant about more questions than answers? I will now break the statement down.

You mother fucker remove my name and my pic or you will get it!

I have no legal obligation to remove your name or your picture, even if Mike Hardy was your real name and that was your real picture. I have not broken any U.S. laws, nor have I made any libelous statements towards you or your alter ego. I have presented the facts of the case, as well as made some backup statements of opinion, but have not outright insulted your character. This series was not created out of malice, but to expose the truth. As to what I will “get” if I don’t remove “your” name or picture, I can only wonder. Oh, and I’ve never had sexual intercourse with my mother.

Also your so stupid you took a picture of a well known programmer whos i stole

I’ll refrain from commenting on your bad grammar in order to point out who the stupid person is. Oh wait, too late. Anyway, I don’t see how I could have known you were stealing someone else’s picture (theft is par for the course, actually). Perhaps you could name him?

you stupid fuck god nobody can take a joke…

I can’t figure out if “you stupid fuck” should go in this quote or the previous one, but I don’t suppose it matters. Is this really a joke? I know I laughed at a few of your pages, but that’s because of their sheer depravity and ridiculousness. Taking other people’s work and claiming it as your own, whether or not you use your real name, is no laughing matter. Tell me, who was the joke supposed to be played on?

P.S. My Real Name Is Michael J. Brauer…

First you demand that I remove your name, then you deliberately point out what your real name is. Why don’t I just do you a favor?

Michael J. Hardy’s real name is Michael J. Brauer.

According to Mr. Brauer himself, “I use the name Hardy because I love to eat at the Hardees Restraunt.” Well, there you go.

See ya in hell

I have no further comments at this point in time. Except that this makes it seem that Mr. Hardy/Brauer is diversifying his money-making opportunities.

We will ship all across the Country! SwitchBlade and Stiletto Knives are Illegal to Transport and Own in some Countries, States, and Cities… Please Check your local laws before placing an order…

In other words, “please check for us before we do something illegal.”

Five years later: Continue to Part XI

86 Responses to “The Mike Hardy Saga, Part X: From the Horse’s Mouth”

  1. fraggle Says:

    Christ, haven’t we heard enough of this already?

  2. Csonicgo Says:

    damn. What a trooper! I’m glad we got to the bottom of this. at least we know where he lives!
    Michael J. Hardy
    615 Old Hwy 66
    Bourbon, Missouri 65441

  3. Chris Says:

    GUESS WHAT He has re-released Ghost mahjongg as shangi mahjongg on internet spirit .net .It is definitely a ripoff.

  4. Csonicgo Says:

    I wonder what is up with his obsession with mahjongg. that game sucks.

  5. Ket Says:

    With the motherf****r part, it doesn’t actually specify you have sex with your mother, I for instance, look forward to the day that I become a motherf****r because it means that my wife and I will have bought a human into this world. Think on that, is motherf****r such an insult?

  6. Gil Says:

    He’s also stolen the open source blood clone, Transfusion:

    Amusingly, his site ( was pwned – here’s the message:

    This Web Site has been Shut Down due to Copyright Violations and will no longer be maintained….

    To Michael J. Hardy – I’m sorry, I should have not used your name, phone numbers, and etc… Please don’t sue me…

  7. Bill Koch Says:

    Thanks, I already linked to that page in Part I, but I’ll add a link to the forum thread too.

  8. Csonicgo Says:

    Apparently his internet spirit site is back up with more information about him. He and his wife seem to be legally separated. I think his head and his ass should be legally separated since he’s trying to sell the same stuff AGAIN.

  9. Davy2002A Says:

    Michael J. “Brauer” is in violation of Microsoft’s and Mozilla’s intellectual property for using the content for his own purposes without prior written permission…

  10. Davy2002A Says:

    I have performed a brief investigation with “his” applications known as “Internet Spirit Web Browser” and “Xtreme Notepad” and they both contain blunt copyright infringements upon Microsoft, Mozilla Foundation, Free Software Foundation, and Blizzard Entertainment.

  11. Bill Koch Says:

    Where is this Xtreme Notepad? I found this ( but does Hardy have a page set up for it?

  12. Agar Says:

    Wow! What an aftermoon!

    In the last 5 hours I’ve:

    1- Discovered that Michael J. Hardy existed.
    2- Found that he has stolen my freeware game ( and pretended it was his work (, a work that he sold $29.00 apiece, which makes it the most expensive freeware in history. (You may add my game, WORLD OF IDEAS, to the big “Michael Hardy” file.)
    3- Learned that he did the same thing to countless other programmers.
    4- Been proud to learn that my totally unknown game has been awarded a 10/10 by PC Gamer (
    5- Been enlightened. Now I know that not only ghosts can inspire poems to XIXth century romantic writers but thay can also suggest also minesweeper games to prgrammes (
    6- Been informed that it is possible for someone to be megalomaniac enough to write “Michael J. Hardy” in every sentence of a 10-page website.

    Got a headache. I guess I’ll go to sleep now.

  13. Agar Says:

    Yeah, looks like I really got a headache… I’ve never seen so many typos in a single post. Probably suffering from some post-Mike Hardy trauma…

    Please disregard the fifth part of my last post. What I meant to write was:

    5- Been enlightened. Now I know that not only ghosts can inspire poems to XIXth century romantic writers but also they can suggest minesweeper games to programmers (

    (and of course, it’s “afternoon”, not “aftermoon”)

    By the way, I’d like to thank Thom Wetzel (, author of the “hardyzed” Disasteroids 3D) for letting me know about this weblog.

    Like I said to him, the only good news is that Mr. Hardy has made me realize that my crappy VB 6.0 source code is worth $169.00 (As he charged $199.00 for the Doom source code he said he wrote, that makes me 30 bucks away from John Carmack… Not bad)

  14. Bill Koch Says:

    Thanks for your comments! I’ll likely be posting Part XI eventually, to tie up some loose ends.

  15. Davy2002A Says:

    To answer Bill Koch’s question,

  16. Davy2002A Says:

    Also futher details, the Xtreme Notepad has used the Windows NT 4.0 splash screen as a splash screen and after a very little bit of snooping around noticed that Hardy has left his webpage about Xtreme Notepad,

  17. Davy2002A Says:

    Bill Koch, some sketchy information has been reported at regarding the probability that this “Michael J. (Brauer) Hardy” isn’t the fraudulent individual who has been ripping the software for years now, my high recommendation is that you check your web server logs for anything that has his comments on them, the IP address or hostname can be looked up via and you can then see if he hasn’t cleared ALL of his/her tracks.

  18. Davy2002A Says:

    oops, typo’d lol

  19. Bill Koch Says:

    I knew of this possibility already (and indeed I’ve seen that thread already). It really wouldn’t surprise me if someone, or a group of people, was purposely trying to defame the real Michael J. Hardy, if there is one. The comment from “Michael J. Brauer” referenced by this particular blog post was posted from a Centrytel IP address; one of his several contact e-mails is at

  20. Agar Says:

    Yeah, I know this is old news know, but I’ve just received a mail from Michael Hardy and wanted you to know about it. As your blog seems to be the cornerstone of investigations on the Hardy case, I will post it here. I’m not fond of publishing e-mails (which are private stuff after all), but I think his mail and my reply sum up my point of view on all this, which is not yours. Although I find the idea of a “defamed Micheal Hardy” seducing, I don’t think this is the case. Something is wrong. If I wanted to make people believe someone I hate stole software to get him to jail, I wouldn’t have gone through all this madman stuff (ghosts, webpages clearly designed by an insane person, ASYLUM EXPLORER (!!)…), I would have gone straight to the point: “hey, I pretend I’ve wrote doom! Now try and jail me!”. I think (and this is my humble opinion, nothing more), that Hardy has “became fully aware” of what “open source” meant, hence decided to pretend he’s someone else so that no one would blame him anymore for what he’s done (“I’m Hardy Spirit, Michael Hardy is no longer programming”, “My real name is Micheal Brauer”…).

    Anyway, here’s the mail I got:
    Hello, This is Michael J. Hardy. I just want to let you all know that i am not the man doing all of this…

    Someone is using my name, address, phone numbers and etc… Hell their even using my picture…

    I am furious I contacted angelfire and had that dimwhits site of world of ideas shut down… I did not create that site nor did i hack your game please remove my name from your site… sincerely, Mike Hardy

    My reply:
    Ok, so I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t know if you are or are not the Michael J. Hardy who stole World of Ideas (as well as lots of other open source software). What I do know is this:

    1- The e-mail address you wrote me from ( is almost the same as the one which can be found at (, a website that has been tracked to the Michael Hardy who stole these software (check this out to learn more about it A simple “whois” query let me know that this domain name is registered to someone named Michael Hardy (whether this is you, the “software-stealer”, or you and the “software-stealer” are the same person). On a more personal note, I recieved a mail from a Michael Hardy asking me for World of Ideas’s source code one year ago. This mail was from I know that having the same domain name in your e-mail adresses is not a proof, merely a clue. But your login “” reminds me greatly of Plus your name in your last e-mail’s header was “® Hightech Studios!”, the exact same thing wrote on home page (including the “registered” symbol before the name. That’s just weird. I thought it had to be put AFTER the name, unlike the “copyright” symbol.)

    2- As I’m not a native english speaker I can’t be sure about this, but it seems to me that some of the grammar in your last mail (“and etc” instead of “etc”, “their” for “they’re”) is similar to the one which can be found on and the “stolen software” websites.

    Neither of these two elements can be considered absolute evidence that you’re the same Michael Hardy (and, therefore, the one and only Michael Hardy), but they’re clues (at least to me).

    I’m aware that maybe this is not the case. If you’re telling the truth and someone is really stealing personal information from you to defame you, well, I’m sorry about it and I hope this guy is going to get caught soon (Have any ideas who this could be? Someone you know in real life?).
    I want you to know that I’ve posted your mail on my website so that my readers will know both point of views (mine and yours) on this case. I don’t want to defame you more than you’ve already been if you’ve done nothing wrong.

    Regarding World of Ideas, I’m not mad at you (or him, whoever really stole my code). Even if you’re the software-stealer and have recently become fully aware of what “open source” means (as “Hardy-codestealer” wrote somewhere) and if pretending someone else did it is your way of making apologies, it’s ok. Everybody makes mistakes (although those were pretty big ones :-).

    I must confess that this crazy story got my interest as it woke up the internet investigator in me. I know that I’ll never know the truth about all this as I won’t have anything besides your word and I’ll never know if you’re telling the truth.

    But well… “Innocent until proven guilty”, heh? So I have to assume you’ve been defamed by a madman.

    Anyway, keep up coding. I hope you’ll create great software in the future.

  21. Arthur Arroc Says:

    (slightly corrected version of my post on part 3, reposeted here to make sure it will be read;) )

    I have seen that sentence on all the links you gave to the mirrored sites of that dude

    “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.”
    -Michael J. Hardy (©October 31st, 2002)

    So that quote is from H.P. Lovecraft, author of the Cthulhu myth related Sci Fi books from the 1920’s, 1930’s.

    And I doubt this guy owns any copyright for the most popular sentence concerning that myth, or else we would find his name on any reprint of H.P. Lovecraft’s books.

    so… one more sad lol

  22. Davy2002A Says:

    Well, there is only 2 things I can think of of this guy, he’s some lunatic who only wants to cause trouble for another (or the real) “Michael J. Hardy” and probably the real target towards this act is either unable, unwilling to take actions or simply unaware or this activity… if it’s true this isn’t really him doing it… (not to discount all that has happened but even I am having my doubts now about this)

  23. Davy2002A Says:

    Come to think of it, there is also a final conclusion to my investigation of this, it is also entirely possible that “Michael J. Hardy” simply does not exist and the real person(s) behind this could simply want to mix up trouble that can never be really solved because of that…

  24. Mike's former wife (name removed) Says:

    The man doing all of those things is Michael(Mike) Hardy. Unless he has lied to me about his name just like he did about all the things he told me he made even though he was stealing them from others. I can tell you anything about him I have known him for quite sometime. Please remove my name from this post also. Thank you and wish everyone he has been stealing his stuff from the best of luck. I also want to say that I am sorry if I would have known he was doing this kind of stuff I would have tryed to put a stop to it.

  25. Davy2002A Says:

    I cannot speak for this blog, I simply do not own or operate it, but he MUST be stopped for once or at least this situation that keeps arising to be finally resolved, I believe Bill Koch is the official incharge of this blog so you may have to email him yourself to ask for the removal, as I do not know how often he checks this blog…

  26. Bill Koch Says:

    Hi Mrs. Hardy (I think it’s safe to refer to you by that name),

    Thanks for your information. Part 11 of this series will eventually be written, and if I think of anything I need to ask, I may contact you by e-mail. However, when you requested that I remove your name from this site earlier, I did so. I can’t remove it from Mike’s sites, however, that are hosted elsewhere. I hope you understand.

  27. Davy2002A Says:

    Whens this Part 11 coming? lol we’ve been waiting quite some time already :P

  28. Heffer_Wolf Says:

    Wow. What a bizarre story. Who is John Ripper? His name appeares several times. Maybe Hardy/Brauer/Ripper has a multiple personality disorder?

  29. Rick Brewster Says:

    Interesting stuff!

    Looks like he’s also taking a stab at my Paint.NET program, http://www.visual-paint.web1000.comobfuscated/

    I’ve already sent an e-mail to the address on that page, but plan on forwarding it to other e-mails of “his” that I come across. There’s also a discussion on the Paint.NET Forum regarding this, (I put “his” in quotes because of the nebulous nature of his identity as illustrated by Agar’s post). Not only is he ripping off Paint.NET, but he’s bundling it with many of the other forum goer’s plugins which he clearly has no legal right to redistribute. Paint.NET’s license is generous, but not THAT generous.

    Maybe this can be in your Part 11? :)

    -Rick Brewster (Lead Developer / Author of Paint.NET)

  30. Bill Koch Says:

    Thanks very much for your input. I’ll add it to my notes, and it will be a part of #11 if I ever get around to writing it :P

    EDIT: The site you linked to goes to some ‘rules about gambling’ page though…

    ANOTHER EDIT: I see the people in the forum realized that too, heh. I’m going to remove the link so that I don’t give them any more hits.

  31. Rick Brewster Says:

    Looks like he’s up to it again w.r.t. Paint.NET!

    Reported again by the folks on the forum,

    I’ll be e-mailing him shortly of course.


  32. Rick Brewster Says:

    Wow, he took it down really fast this time. And his e-mail response was uncharacteristically cordial … this guy is like Dr. Jekle (sp?) and Mr. Hyde or something:

    “it has been removed, sorry once again…all pages have also been removed…”

    His tone makes it sound like he thinks it was an accident or something. “Oops, I didn’t mean to do that!” Very bizarre.

  33. Subi Says:

    I think, The Mike Hardy Saga is not yet over (time to write part 11 ;) ).

    Check the following link


  34. Ron Schmidt Says:

    Yeah, That SOB Michael J. Hardy and his staff has ripped me off. I sent them code thinking they were going to put skinning in it and sounding very trustworthy. After a while I could no longer contact them as they terminated their email address. They have a copy of my code now that I have spent 5 years in the making. I should have never trusted anyone with this code. If I see my stuff anywhere I will find a WAY TO SUE THEM. Jerks, JERKS. Lets get them.

  35. Agar Says:

    I couldn’t sleep tonight (my girlfriend is away and I’m not used to sleep alone anymore :-) and I don’t now why, maybe I was visited by a ghost or something, I happened to think about Michael Hardy. So I decided to take a look at your blog, just in case. I didn’t believe anything new would have happened since last year: I thought the guy had learnt the lesson.

    What a fool I was… The man is still on the loose and has “hardyzed” Paint.NET!
    And now Spirit Software (or whatever his “company” name was) is “Ultra Software”. Modesty is still the first of Hardy’s virtues.

    Michael Hardy’s crappy pieces of software: $69.00 apiece.
    Michael Hardy’s websites: priceless.

    No, really, is a nice website. I wonder where he stole it. He can’t have designed it by himself : the parts he added to the original pages are unmissable as they all have the “hardy look-and-feel” (his 24-bit jpegs always look like 16-color gifs with a uber-dithering filter applied on them. I’d really like to know what imaging software this guy is using).

    As always with Michael, I had a few good laughs : any software he “creates” is still the best in its category (“best solitaire/uno card game/minsweeper… ever”), he still likes to promote every feature in strange words (“Excellent Modern Day Graphics!”???). But my favorite quote is from “Monsterz Arcade”, a game that features… Guess what? “Retro Music of Today”. Sounds strange ? Well, as the guy can time-travel (the website’s copyright reads “copyright (C) 2006-2013“), it all makes sense.

    So Hardy is still the same. Except he gave up reading Lovecraft and babbling about “enriched sound effects”. Oh yeah, and now he doesn’t talk about his wife anymore. Instead, he dedicates all his “creations” to his “beautiful Daughter named (Zoe)”. My God, the guy has a child !

    Please, Mr. Koch, please… Write that part 11. I can’t wait to read it !

  36. Someone Says:

    The Fake –
    The Original –

  37. matt Says:

    @agar: He clearly owns, and we should assume that any address is the real (only) Mike Hardy. (Its a bit amusing that he changes his last name often, but its always “Mike”, and always from Missouri..)

  38. Bill Koch Says: is for users of the ISP, Fidelity Communications. So, no, he doesn’t own that domain.

  39. Ron Schmidt Says:

    After a couple months went by I thought I would try to email him again to let him know what I thought of him for conning me into sending him my code for a great Browser I have been working on for the last 5 years. I just typed ‘asshole’ in the text area and clicked send. Now I have had a whole nasty dialog with him. I guess he turned back on his email. I have saved all emails over the past couple months if that can be used against him somehow.

  40. Bill Koch Says:

    You can package them all up into a text file or something and send them to me if you want…

    I might use them if they’re interesting. If anything, they’ll be entertaining.

  41. spiderham Says:

    Funny, in he says

    You Can Contact
    Michael J. Hardy By Email at or Write To: 225 N. Park Street, Apartment 601, Sullivan Missouri, 63080 USA.

  42. Davy2002A Says:

    Anymore news on this guy? btw sucks to lose 5 years of work to a con artist like hardy

  43. Rick Brewster Says:

    Davy2002A, Yeah he’s at it again. This is the 3rd time he’s hardy-ized Paint.NET.

    I’ve sent him another letter, and posted info on the Paint.NET forum,

  44. silence Says:

    i don’t know if this might help, but on index and products pages divs are named in croatian language.
    since all parts of that website are stolen from all over the internet i am not sure if he stole those too, but using croatian words is weird … (most devs around here name their divs in english anyway)

  45. I wasn't here Says:

    @silence – I’m way ahead of you, but good spotting.

    The web template used is a free one available here: The author is Croatian. The favicon is stolen from Maxthon, however.

  46. DaveR Says:

    Interesting. The WHOIS entry for lists Sher Hardy as the technical contact:

    MicroWorks c/o Free Private Reg
    P.O. Box 81024
    Burnaby, BC V5H 4K2

    Domain name: ULTRA-SOFTWARE.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Hardy, Sher
    P.O. Box 81024
    Burnaby, BC V5H 4K2
    Technical Contact:
    Hostmaster, Domain
    Suite 210 – 3602 Gilmore Way
    Burnaby, BC V5G 4W9
    (604) 434-4307 Fax: (604) 608-6832

  47. Bill Koch Says:

    I’m fairly sure, if my memory is right, that Sher Hardy is Michael Hardy’s father.

  48. Tyler Menezes Says:

    Or his (ex-)wife.

    This guy seems so dumb… why do I feel like this is some sort of ARG or something?

    Anyways everyone should just join together and sue his ass. I’m sure with a subpoena his ISP would give his real name and address.

  49. Claud Freeman Says:

    I see he’s still at it? Bill, you might need to do a follow-up article on all this.

  50. Agar Says:

    As I do every few months, I came here to see if anything new has surfaced about Hardy. To my regrets, no part XI was uploaded for me to read… Come on, Bill, we gave you enough materials in the comment for you to write something hilarious ! Also, it seems that is not online anymore… What a shame.It’s gonna take us some time to find out which new domain name the guy is using now.

    Something else : I’m finalizing the new version of World of Ideas (the first version was one of the games stolen by Hardy) and I happened to Google for it to see how my website was ranked. To my surprise, links to Hardy’s versions (!.html, for instance) where holding the first places in the list…

    Although the download links for my game are broken, maybe other pieces of software that Hardy has stolen are still available for download today. And maybe they’re so well ranked by Google that they’re taking visitors from their real author’s webpage.

    We, victims of Hardy, really should try some kind of “class-action mailing” to ask him to remove all these pages which are still polluting the Internet today. The problem is: now that Ultra-Software is gone, we have no way to contact him…

    I don’t want to sound bitter (“omigod he’s taking hits from my page, I hope he’ll fry in hell…”), but as we never had any kind of public apologies from Hardy, I think that cleaning up his own mess would be the least he could do.

  51. Agar Says:


    I found this:

    While I’m here: please disregard the experimental spelling in my last post (“materials in the comment”, “where holding the first places”…). I hate to make typos but there’s no editing function on this blog…

  52. Davy2002A Says:

    I have located at the following additional information: – This website was last updated in 2003 and contains (at least from what I cannot find anywhere) a different email address that doesn’t use any words previously used by Hardy, No idea if this site matters (not sure if that product is an illegally modified copy of another product) but oh well… – This website was also last update in 2003 and obviously has not been taken down, would suggest that at least one or more of use file reports against it with regards to the Intellectual Property violations found, Microsoft would especially be interested to know that he distributes copies of Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 in this website.

    I also feel it necessary to provide this link:

    Apparently in this link contains a copy of text from a Readme file apparently from one of “his” games, I cannot imagine any reason why he’d write this but to see if there are still gullible people on the internet these days.

    It would seem obvious at this point that Hardy has halted created new websites however those that remain up do need to be removed or taken down or modified to notify the public that the content does not belong solely to Michael J. Hardy. Perhaps if this were to continue that any of us getting an interview with his ex-wife would provide us with more then ample amounts of information with regards to Michael J. Hardy.

  53. Rob Says:

    I don’t know if you’ve found these yet, but take a look at these beauties:

  54. Agar Says:

    Nice finds !
    Obviously, the first one (Candy Volcano) is Candy Crisis in (not so much of) a disguise.
    Even the web page (including the in-game screenshots) is copy-pasted.

    Don’t know about the other one, though.

  55. Tommy Gun Says:

    Interesting, Hardy hasn’t got a biography page, which is consistant with his recorded self obsession. Crafty little rat has also made sure that none of his wesites are linked to each other, it’s that individual site, containing no link to any other of his rip – offs.

    He also has three modes of writing:

    1, Eratic, angry typing with grammar mistakes, frequent swearing, and bad spelling. Aggressive tone and improvisational typing.

    2, Calm, he will type calmly and suavley, appearing to care about viewer discretion and comments.

    3, The Act. He will appear all sincere and broken up, this is just pulling a face, and not a very good one at that. The idea that someone could get personal info like phne, email, address etc, is not suprising, because he plasters his chubby bikie details and face on everything. And besides, “Hardy” even said in Saga IIV that the photo was of a well known developer. Overall, he appears sincere, but he is shedding crocodile tears, (as demonstrated by agar’s message, Quote:

    Hello, This is Michael J. Hardy. I just want to let you all know that i am not the man doing all of this…

    Someone is using my name, address, phone numbers and etc… Hell their even using my picture…

    I am furious I contacted angelfire and had that dimwhits site of world of ideas shut down… I did not create that site nor did i hack your game please remove my name from your site… sincerely, Mike Hardy


    I am guessing that he has either mood swings, depression, possibly Multiple personality, or something more Subtle, like a behaviourial defect.
    Either way, he shouldn’t be doing this, oh, and on his site with the crappy casino games, i have a feeling the picture of the girl is possibly his daughter????

    Could Mike’s Ex -Wife confirm this?

    P.S if you don’t think my opinion is correct, give me a break, i’m younger than 16.

  56. Tommy Gun Says:



    And no matter what mood, he seems to furiously defend his reputation, which is quite interesting.

  57. Tommy Gun Says:

    Ah, oh my, the edits keep coming:

    EDIT: He seems to have a limited education, this is written on the verge of angry, and is as follows


    He uses Juvenille linguistics, and cannot spell basic words like “do.” He also starts off writing calmly, but becomes increasingly aggressive until he is well into his eratic mood.

    I recommend visiting his his geo cities homepage,
    He also lists his hotmail account, this man has something close to 4 -5 emails? All of them use free servers to.

  58. Hey! Says:

    Glad to see this is still active… I hate to see software rip-offs like this. (Seen a lot.) It hurts me a lot to see what he has done to Paint.Net though.

  59. betatester Says:

    his recent theft is the k-meleon browser, renamed to internet spirit.. and it’s hosted on
    i’ve sent an email to cnet’s editor-in-chief explaining the violation of k-meleon’s GNU GPL and asked them to remove it.

    on further investigation, i found out where he sells some of his stolen goods:

    i think someone should contact and inform them of the infringements.. i’m very tired.. i spent nearly an 2 hours online tracking this stupid worthless insect

  60. Weather Says:

    “This Web Site has been Shut Down due to Copyright Violations and will no longer be maintained….

    To Michael J. Hardy – I’m sorry, I should have not used your name, phone numbers, and etc… Please don’t sue me…”

    It is amusing.

    I laughed out loud at the quote. But I don’t know why, I don’t even understand it. Don’t try to explain… it’s just funny as is.

  61. Subi Says:

    His latest creation

  62. M8R Says:

    He has a new game “Blood of the 13th Hour!”
    Based on Monolith’s Doom and what seems like ZDoom source.

  63. psyren Says:

    Yes, M8R, the ‘reformed’ Micheal J Hardy has done it again. His new game is a repackaged “zBlood”, which is a free graphic/sound “Total Conversion” for ZDoom (a source-port of Doom2) made by Joseph Otey and myself, Jeff Graham.

    Someone once wrote that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and that is certainly true. To whomever started this blog, I thank you.

    Always on the lookout for anything new related to Doom or Blood games, so I knew I had run across this “Hardy” name before. Never imagined our work, (The work of Joe and I) would be made even more famous through his intervention.

    Someone also wrote that “there is no such thing as bad publicity.”

    Thank you, Micheal J Hardy, for recognising the work we did. I am no longer worried (or at all concerned) that Monolith Productions, or Atari, or whatever company now owns the rights to the original resources we used, will come after US for copyright violations.

  64. Ex-Wife Says:

    Well he is up to all the lies and ripping everyone off again. He has now got a company named Hardy Creations. You will know it is him when he is thanking his new wife which he has as blinded as much as he did me her name is stacie. I wish someone could put a stop to everything he has done and is still doing. I have put some new sites up on this post that i thought everyone would like to see. But this first sight has a lot of different games on there that he has riped off. I will post if i come across any others.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    That’s TWENTY FOUR (24) copies of software he’s made! WHEN is he going to stop? Probably not sooN!

  66. Luiji Maryo Says:

    Brauer? F###, I think I might of helped with one of his rip-offs. Might just be a misconception, though.

    I was on the Secret Maryo Chronicles ( IRC, and met a guy named Bedwyr, who was asking about why the music wouldn’t play. I helped him and it turned out that it was just a Linux permissions error.

    Anyway, the next day (today), I see the forum topic about how Michael is ripping of Secret Maryo Chronicles again, and then got directed here. While chatting with some fellow developers, mrvertigo27 pointed out the coincidence

    For the record:
    I had no idea who Michael was until today.

  67. SML879/.Henix. Says:

    You know what I say? Go to fucking hell Mike. He even copied SUPER MARIO WAR! And gods, if I ever meet him, he’ll die by my dad’s rifle. While I’m not entirely serious, I am REALLY pissed off by this.

  68. KingPepe Says:

    I was just going to say what Henix was going to say. This bastard is still around after all this time. I don’t know how recent this is but he took Super Mario War from 72dpi and sold it as a whole new thing. He even took the website’s layout as well like he wants to trick people into it. He claims that this is Super Mario War 2.2 but nothing has really changed except a few added (horrible) skins he must have made. Here’s the site:

    Funny things:
    1. He doesn’t compile the whole damn thing into one exe and none of the author names are removed
    2. He claims Mario was made for the Playstation
    3. Although he does give credit to Florian (the creator and yes he did die), he did not exactly continue updating Super Mario War. A bunch of others did however and he took the latest version.
    4. Nobody contributed to that pile of mess despite what it says up there.

  69. ZeroFollower0(MKF Member) Says:

    Im glad a couple people got word in on Super Mario War. a friend of mine liked it and posted the thread on it in a chat today. then another friend post a site of a person (guess FLIPPING who) was selling it for $25 for copy and $250 for Code. i will say this Karma is gunna be a bitch to him. wish i could be there to see it. Ill come back every now and then to see part 11 and most likely unless he finaly gets his part 12.

    Keep Up the great article Bill

  70. infurnus Says:

    List of latest finds:








    Will list more as I find more sources.

  71. TempleOfMonkeys Says:

    actually infurnus, Mike’s “Creative C++” is a rip off of wxDevC++:

    Compare the screenshots:

    Good work on all those finds though, it sure looks like it took dedication!

  72. infurnus Says:

    You’re right, but at least I found where he got the web page from.
    Thanks for the clarification!

  73. CSonicGo Says:

    I swear, this guy is like a game of whack-a-mole. knock one down, 2 pop up.

  74. mrvertigo27 Says:

    I would love to get all the projects together and shut this scumbag cown! and when you say florian died I hope you dont mean Florian Richter because he is the community leader of Secret Mario Chronicles and as far as I am aware is very much alive.

  75. F4LL0UT Says:

    Hey, I just wanted to present to you a new chapter in the Hardy (or Brauer or what so ever) story:

    Obviously Mike Hardy has made contact with the Game Maker by Mark Overmars (developed and distributed by YoYo Games since version 7.0). Some years ago a German/Australian asshole kid reverse engineered the way the executables are being “compiled” (there’s no actual compiling involved) and created a “decompiler” which allows to turn the exported executables back into project files, thus allowing to freely edit loads of games created with this program (unless they have been protected with a special tool) – perfect for Hardy. He published several popular Game Maker games (among them Robbie Swifthand and Aztec God – the latter by my good friend mauge) as his own. He added “Michael Hardy’s” to the title. Also he seems to have added some levels to Aztec God as the original games contained 20 while “Michael Hardy’s Aztec God” has 100 levels according to his homepage. But some guy from the community started to write emails to that guy and he removed both games a few hours ago. Still, it’s sick that this bastard is still doing that shit and searching for new methods like this one.

  76. snowyowl Says:

    Also news: He has now got a game called Block-n-Roll. Looking at the screenshots, it’s obviously the game of the same name currently owned by FreeOnlineGames (originally created by DXProductions under the name Bloxorz, so when FOG changed the name, they started a lot of flame wars).
    Anyway, FOG has a lot of clout, so I’m alerting them to the problem. Hopefully they can finally shut him down.

    (Punchline: he is selling the source code for $10,000. If anyone has ever actually paid that, I’ll eat my own pencil.)

  77. Witjuti_boy Says:

    I have found this information on his site:
    “Welcome to Hardy Creations Inc.

    Hardy Creations is a small Company that devotes time in Creating or Recreating Games and Software from either Open Source or From Scratch.

    Hardy Creations Inc. is Ran by Michael and Stacie Hardy… A lot of Our Products are Commercial and can be found on the Products Page.

    We live in Missouri with Our two kids (Dylan and Zoe). I (Michael) have been developing Computer Games and Software since 1993. My Wife (Stacie) Helps a lot with Levels of Games, Ideas and etc…

    My Wife and I have been together for a little over two years at the time of this writing. We enjoy Swimming and spending time together.

    I like Martial Arts and Kick-boxing. I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aikido and Was a Professional Kick-Boxer for 7 and a half years.

    Some of our products uses open source technology so please don’t get this confused with hacking or pirating. We do everything legally….”

    I thought he was disabled!
    “I like Martial Arts and Kick-boxing. I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aikido and Was a Professional Kick-Boxer for 7 and a half years. And he also likes swimming!”
    And why does he make note that he does everything legally?

    And I just found a game he has copied. The original game is called “Bloxorz” but he renamed it “Block -N- Roll”. the original game can be found on and It is probably found on other sites as well. And the original is a completely free flash game!
    This is the info about the so called “Block-n-Roll:

    “® BLOCK -N- ROLL! – A Fun, Breath-Taking Challenging Puzzle Game!
    Block -N- Roll is a Brain Twisting Puzzle Game of Rolling Blocks and Switching Bridges. You’ll be rolling round in circles over the course of the 35 Stages and yes, they are all possible to finish…
    The Object of this Game is to get the Block to fall into the Square Hole at the end of each Stage – There are 35 Stages To Complete…
    Sounds Simple Doesn’t It ?
    I assure you it isn’t as easy as you think… This Game is Really Challenging…”
    And on the “official” site for this game this is some of the info on the site:



    He does not even credit who is the original creator!
    And what does it have to do with dead relatives!
    What does he mean thank you to “ADOBE MACROMEDIA FLASH DEVELOPERS, MICROSOFT, APPLE COMPUTER INC., LINUX DEVELOPERS, MDM STUDIOS, NORTHCODE DEVELOPMENT TEAM, PAINT.NET TEAM, NVU DEVELOPERS, ACER COMPUTER LTD, DOT-EASY etc.” How did they help? How did Nvu developers help? Maybe with the page editor (his page does not look that great anyway!)….
    I will continue to follow this topic about an evil scumbag riper off developer..
    He is still developing..I thought he quit!
    Thank you for reading my comment! and try to keep busting that scumbag developer!

  78. Robin Says:

    he tried to copy wxDevC++ as well, palm it off as “Creative C++”…

    One quick email mentioning the GPL and a law firm and the site was shut down in less than 12 hours :)

    I recommend this technique to anyone who comes across this cad in future.

  79. KingPepe Says:

    No not that Florian. I’m referring to Florian Hufsky.

  80. infurnus Says:

    Thanks, apparently he responds that way to people he’s never dealt with before.

  81. david Says:

    A new link?

  82. Jack Says:

    desperate to find Mr. Hardy, I have surfed about 15 hours on the web emailing old emails and even InternetSpirit, email bounced as well.

    Cannot find a working copy on the web in exe zip or rar of a couple of his softwares I would love to have.

    I wrote hardyfoundation, they didn’t know Mr. Hardy.

    ANY help is so appreciated, I really have invested a lot of time in hopes of getting a couple of his freewares.

  83. Imre Fabian Says:


    Amusing set of pages.
    Btw, did you know that “fuck god” is a typically hungarian curse (translated of course).
    Maybe this says something about the origin of the illustrious mr. Brauer?

    Keep on the good work!

  84. Imre Fabian Says:

    This Hardy character seems to me suffering from a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    I have had some experience with people like that.
    They love not only themselves (and only themselves, nobody else) but are completely confident that all they do is not only legal but also justified and right.

    To be honest, they are full of belony! and they NEVER will stop!

    But beware! When crossed they can be violent and it won’t be the first time that a NPD “sufferer” committed murder!

    People like this should be committed and put away FOR GOOD!

    Until then, amuse yourselves with the comments of your unfortunate fellow victims.

  85. Tae Says:

    How to avoid inappropriate language when you start to comment? It is an older post. The name for his family are shown in the credits for some programs! The last name: Hardy is known as Brauer.

  86. Tae Says:

    Ket has censored the motherf-u-c-k-e-r word. You will need to install Spam Karma into the Blender open movie project blogs (Sintel, Tears of Steel, Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny). On the credits, Charlie Love and Peggy Love are his uncle and aunt.

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