Upgrade and stuff

I just upgraded the site to WordPress 2.0. It seems to have gone well.

During my venture up north to visit my sister and family, I was able to log some wireless access points along the way. Due to some vehicular issues on the return trip, a different route was taken, netting an even more diverse collection of access points. Here they are. I wasn’t even looking at the screen most of the time when these were being logged, so I should take a look at it myself.

Oh, and apparently tomorrow is the beginning of a new year or something. How about that?

3 Responses to “Upgrade and stuff”

  1. Covaro Says:

    Gee, looking at the list big shocker, prolly 75% of those APs are on Channel 6. Kinda looks like my apartment complex, there are about 25 APs here, and all but 5 are on Channel 6. I’m on Channel 11 and drown the crap out of everyone else, seeing as how I can see my AP all the way at the other end of our Apartment complex. =D


  2. Bill Koch Says:

    My guess is that it’s the default channel for many manufacturers because it’s in the middle of the possible frequency spectrum. Kind of like how they never enable WEP by default, just to make sure everything works out of the box.

  3. Csonicgo Says:

    I believe some of the new access points are on channel seven. And i have fifteen floppy disks worth of access points. Going to wisconsin over the summer will fill it up quickly. When i went through atlanta stumbles went crazy.

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