May update

So as to not seem like a total slacker.

Another trip up north, another log of wireless access points gathered. Best SSID this time: longaberger. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually drive around my own town to scope out the scene here.

Also, I feel now is a good time to share my newfound love of YouTube, where I can sit all day and watch snippets of TV without having to suffer from my Dad changing the channel every thirty seconds.

2 Responses to “May update”

  1. drale Says:

    That imi1946 AP is familiar… did you drive down in the Eville area? Rest your stuff is around Indy, etc. So hmm.

  2. Bill Koch Says:

    hmm…I’ve never been to Evansville, much less wardriven there. That point was probably somewhere along I-69, north of Indy.

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