Infrared Webcam Hack

Thanks to the helpful instructions here and here, I now have my very own infrared webcam. Viewing the world in infrared is a bit different than visible light. Here’s some comparison shots.

Headphones on printer - infrared Headphones on printer - visible
Couple pairs of headphones sitting on my printer. Note the whitness of the ear pads in infrared. (Also note my live webcam in the corner)
Monitor - infrared Monitor - visible
My monitor. It was on for both pictures.
Assorted junk - infrared Assorted junk - visible
More assorted junk. Note the headphone ear pads again, plus the CD booklet and the handle of the scissors.
Outside view - infrared Outside view - visible
The view outside my window.
Ten spot - infrared Ten spot - visible
The back of a ten-dollar bill.