Infrared Webcam Hack

Thanks to the helpful instructions here and here, I now have my very own infrared webcam. Viewing the world in infrared is a bit different than visible light. Here’s some comparison shots.

Headphones on printer - infrared Headphones on printer - visible
Couple pairs of headphones sitting on my printer. Note the whitness of the ear pads in infrared. (Also note my live webcam in the corner)
Monitor - infrared Monitor - visible
My monitor. It was on for both pictures.
Assorted junk - infrared Assorted junk - visible
More assorted junk. Note the headphone ear pads again, plus the CD booklet and the handle of the scissors.
Outside view - infrared Outside view - visible
The view outside my window.
Ten spot - infrared Ten spot - visible
The back of a ten-dollar bill.

4 Responses to “Infrared Webcam Hack”

  1. Cyb Says:

    That’s actually pretty cool.

  2. xrayhandycams Says:

    I can actually take pictures or film under the clothes with this method, great to see through some fabrics, specially syntetics.

    email me if you want more info.

  3. Franz Jeckill Says:

    You can llok at a video showing the whole transofrmation process here:

    (nice effects at the end of the video!) ;-)

  4. redfukuju Says:

    hey dude, teach me that infrared stuff, will ya?! kinda interested on it. i’ve got nokia 3660 en 6220i. ok bro, please jerk03, pimp my phone!! i’m on

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