The Mike Hardy Saga, Part IX: The Story Ends… for now

(note: read parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII if you haven’t already)

When I first started this project, I envisioned it taking five, maybe six posts to cover all of Michael J. Hardy’s exploits. I did not expect it to reach nine, but I started running into even more things by him that I had not found before I began the series; there might be a part ten when this is all over. However, unless I find some new stuff released by Mr. Hardy, or if something else comes up, this will likely be the last post in the series.

First, let’s look at another classic that Mr. Hardy has not done justice to: Enhanced PuckMan and Ms. PuckMan (local mirror). Unfortunately, this image gives him away; the real version of this is called PAC-MAN Attack. Mr. Hardy is only distributing two of the many games included on the real CD. Now, I have little doubt that the actual PAC-MAN attack CD is just a shovelware collection of free Pac-Man games. However, I also have little doubt that Mr. Hardy did not program the versions he is distributing, but I do not have anything more concrete to back that up (besides PAC-MAN Attack). Chances are he acquired a copy of the CD, which likely contained the source code for these two games, modified them, and started distributing them as his own.

It looks like Mr. Hardy might have finally wised up; he is actually giving credit to other people now! Witness Asteroids 3D (local mirror); he actually credits the original creator, Thom Wetzel Jr. Now, Thom himself posted a comment on Part VII pointing this out to me; needless to say, he was not very happy about what Mr. Hardy has done, so I was glad that he pointed it out. Of course, Mr. Hardy always puts his name in front of Thom’s every time the credits are mentioned… Anyways, here is Thom’s original: Disasteroids 3D. I think I need not comment further.

Spirit Studios logoHas Mike Hardy started his own company? That’s what Spirit Studios (this link may or may not work) might have you believe. However, his current offerings are not totally made by him – he merely just gives an ounce of credit to the creators of the original programs. This is a little better than what he used to do, but there is still a large stigma of misrepresentation. Also, he is still a horrible graphics designer.

One of the offerings of Spirit Studios is a pale imitation of Dev-C++ by Bloodshed Software (no relation, heh) that Mr. Hardy calls Amityville C++ (local mirror). Of course, by “pale imitation” I mean “recompiled version with Mr. Hardy’s name plastered everywhere.” Why is he naming a product after the Amityville murders? I have no idea. Anyway, there is little I can say here, other than to use the real Dev-C++ and not this horror.

Finally, last but definitely not least, there is Internet Spirit (again, this link may or may not work), a case study in the worst user interface design I have ever seen in my entire life. If this is Spirit Studio’s “flagship” product, they should take that ship to a scrap yard, because it is one of the worst looking applications I have ever seen. Even the software it is based on, Maxthon, is not very pretty. But seriously, look at this. How could any person possibly need so many buttons? But I digress. Mr. Hardy credits “MoreQuick and CahngYou,” but I have no idea who they are.

So, with a heavy heart, I am ending the Mike Hardy Saga. Actually, I could not be happier that this is over. But, if need be, I will continue the story if more pops up. Thank you for reading.

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8 Responses to “The Mike Hardy Saga, Part IX: The Story Ends… for now”

  1. CSonicGo Says:

    Hardy looks like he uses Microsoft Windows Paintbrush for every piece of art he rapes. Thank god he hasn’t found Gimp- He’d probably try to sell THAT.

  2. ThomW Says:

    I emailed Mike on Friday and he took down the Disasteroids clone down over the weekend. I took a couple minutes and wrote him a long email trying to show him the right way to go about working on and releasing updates to open source software.

    I think it’s a case of misdirected energy. Instead of taking credit for others’ work, he should invest the time he’s spending doing this into building something of his own. :)

  3. ThomW Says:

    lol … clicking on your link shows that the site’s still there, but if you try to go to the root folder, the site returns a 404 error.

  4. Bloodshedder Says:

    Yeah, actually, he does that with several of his sites. Look at uh, whichever post I put 3D frogger in. He’s got about 5 sites up for it, with News.html, Pics.html, etc. working, but index.html just redirects you somewhere else.

  5. Csonicgo Says:

    You think he does that out of laziness, or just in case you forget about him, so he can ‘sell’ them again? Remember what he did on disasteroids.

  6. DooMAD Says:

    Interesting… I found a weird geocities site with someone using the same email address Hardy uses:

    Perhaps this Noel “Spirit Rider” Bell is the real name?

  7. Davy2002A Says:

    Hmm… doesn’t seem to match the common criteria of what Hardy “makes” no software downloads or purchase links, suspicious though…

    Funny because it appears he still does this stuff regardless of the chaos that ensued onto him in the past as i found more links to him that seem recent lol

  8. NomenNescio Says:

    A little background on the Internet Spirit – Maxthon connection:

    While the Internet Spirit website is a total rip-off of Maxthon website, the source code Mr. Hardy used was (most likely) from Greenbrowser ( , )

    Originally a chinese guy called Changyou wrote a browser called MyIE. In 2000 he released most of it’s sourcecode into a BBS (or just an online forum propably) , more-or-less into public domain. What happened to Changyou after that isn’t clear; either he went under , into exile , or is rotting in a jail somewhere due to his political views.

    Several people continued the development work on the MyIE 3.2 code. Maxthon developer (formerly called MyIE2) was one the first and the biggest). Greenbrowser GPLized the code later.

    Hi to wikipedia and maxthon forums (from which portions of this post may have been paraphrased from)

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